What is 'Our Story Song'?

In a world full of uncertainties, there is one thing that can never be denied - the power of the song. It's magical, it's mysterious, it's powerful. The song truly does remember when.

If you want to commemorate your wedding or any other special occasion, Ken will capture the occasion with a musical creation that you will treasure forever.

It starts with an interview to find out every precious, intricate detail that makes your story unique. After the interview, Ken Churilla will sit down with your cherished feelings and memories, step outside of this hustle and bustle, on the run culture that we live in and weave them into a precious song. A song that encapsulates your relationship or situation for you to enjoy on your special day, and then over and over again for the rest of your life.


We don't just do weddings though!

Each song is a work that is 100% original both lyrically and melodically. EACH SONG IS A ONE OF A KIND!!!

Songs are led by the stories they tell and can be produced in many different ways. If you want something slow and sensual...we can do that or if you want something more upbeat...we can do that to!

Ken sometimes co-writes songs with a variety of musicians and utilizes an assortment of different vocalists. Once the song is written, the lyrics are submitted back to you for your approval to make sure the story is correct. After that, Ken will take the song into the studio to record your story song forever! Once the song is finished, you are presented with a completely unique and beautiful song encompassing YOUR story. The song can be emailed as an MP3 or mailed on a CD.

The songwriting process typically takes two to three weeks from start to finish, but in certain circumstances can sometimes be rushed into a two or three day process. In addition to creating your song, Ken and his musicians are also available to play your song live for you at your wedding, event, or private function.

Pricing, timing, and availability vary. Payments can be made by Credit Card (via Paypal), Cashiers Check or Money Orders. Please contact Ken to discuss all details regarding pricing and payment.

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